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Johnson Protective Services, LLC

Excellence in Truth, Service and Training

JPS- Training

JPS- Training was launched to provide in-house proprietary training that has a complete customization to each customers needs while meeting and exceeding State and or Federal regulations and certifications.

Through the use of of advanced training technology and innovative delivery of course material, our participants receive a uniquely significant training experience with each and every class attended.


At JPS, our focus is not only to train the participant but to ensure that each and every individual is prepared to handle the multitude of situations that you may encounter in today's ever changing climate.

Training will educate civilians and officers on the proper tactics and techniques with professionalism.


Handgun Qualification License

In this 4 hour class, participants will learn MD State laws as required to be able to rent, transfer or purchase a handgun. 

All successful students will receive a certificate of completion.


Concealed Carry Weapons

This course covers a multitude of Concealed Carry training. 

National, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, etc.

Course ranges from 4 to 20 hours depending on selected jurisdiction. 

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MD Wear & Carry (Officer)

In this 16+ hour course, participants will learn MD State laws as required to be able to carry a firearm in connection with their work.

Student Officers will learn to operate tactically to engage the ever changing world.

American Red Cross

Learn the skill needed to save a persons life, utilizing First Aid, CPR and the AED.

This class is approximately 8 hours in duration 

Less than Lethal

With our Less-than-Lethal training;

Officers will learn the various different tactics and techniques to defend themselves and others.

MDTS - Baton - OC Spray - Handcuffing


Electronic Control Device 

Electronic Control Device (ECD)

In this 8 hour course, students will learn on TASER devices

Operations, control, tactics and techniques These smart devices are the preferred 

Less-than-Lethal option.

*TASER is trademarked by AXON 

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What our customers are saying

This was one of the best experiences in my life. I learned so much. JPS, is a very professional and informative training business. I recommend them to anyone looking for adequate training. 

Serena H. August 2020